Who We Are

The mission of the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health (CEWH) is to improve the health of women by fostering multidisciplinary and action-oriented research on girls’ and women’s health and to introduce sex and gender into all health research. The CEWH pays particular attention to research and knowledge exchange that will improve the health status of girls and women who face health inequities due to socioeconomic status, race, culture, age, sexual orientation, geography, disability and/or addiction.

We achieve this mission through generating new knowledge about women’s health, and facilitating knowledge exchange to close the loop between research and action on women-centred programs, practice and policy. We develop women-centred programs as well as gender-transformative practice and policy in partnership with researchers, health and social service practitioners, health system planners and community-based health advocates. We specialize in bringing evidence to practice and policy.

CEWH is hosted by BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre, an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority.

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