Trauma/Gender/Substance Use Project

This project will guide the further integration of trauma-informed and gender-informed and gender-transformative practices into prevention, health promotion, treatment, harm reduction and policy affecting those with substance use issues in Canada.

With interested provincial and territorial champions, the CEWH will guide the development of  materials, pilots of integrated practice, and knowledge exchange on trauma-informed and gender-transformative approaches in the substance use field.

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Key TGS project activities include:

  • Short-term communities of inquiry will allow for those interested in in-depth examination of key topics and components of trauma-informed and gender-informed practice to discuss and synthesize multiple forms of evidence and plan the application to practice in their contexts.
  • Webcasts on key topics will be offered every 3-4 months over the course of the project to support wide participation across the country on key topics of interest
  • Face-to-face presentations on trauma-informed and gender-informed practice will be made in provinces and territories where there is interest and opportunity for collaboration.
  • A half-day workshop held in conjunction with CCSA at the Issues of Substance 2017 conference in Calgary will allow project participants to share their interim learnings.
  • Tools, practice sheets, discussion guides, checklists, evidence summaries and related materials that support practice application will be developed using the expertise of the project leads, jurisdictional experts, and a wide group of service providers and leaders interested in implementation of trauma-informed practice.
  • Up to 6 organizations/agencies will have the opportunity to pilot the implementation of trauma-informed and gender-informed approaches, and evaluate the impact in specific contexts.

Financial assistance for the TGS project has been received from Health Canada.

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