A selection of books produced by the BCCEWH and in collaboration with our partners.

MakingItBetter_cover.NovMaking it Better: Gender Transformative Health Promotion

Edited by Lorraine Greaves, Ann Pederson and Nancy Poole

In this innovative collection, leading thinkers in clinical medicine, sociology, epidemiology, kinesiology, education, and public policy reveal how health promotion is failing communities by failing women. Despite a longstanding consensus that social inequalities shape global patterns of illness and opportunities for health, mainstream health promotion frameworks continue to ignore gender at relational, household, community, and state levels. Exploring the ways in which gendered norms affect health and social equity for all human beings, Making It Better invites us to rethink conventional approaches to health promotion and to strive for transformative initiatives and policies.

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The Becoming Trauma Informed and Highs and Lows books were developed in partnership with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

Becoming Trauma Informed CoverBecoming Trauma Informed

Edited by Nancy Poole and Lorraine Greaves

Becoming Trauma Informed was developed through a partnership between the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health and CAMH.

Becoming Trauma Informed describes trauma-informed practice at the individual, organizational and systemic levels. The editors and authors bring unique perspectives from various settings and from the diverse groups with which they work, sharing how trauma-informed principles have been integrated into different mental health and addiction treatment and social service environments. They emphasize how trauma-informed services must take into account an understanding of trauma, and place priority on trauma survivors’ safety, choice and control. These contributors offer hope and direction for becoming trauma informed, showcasing their innovation, leadership, practices, ideas and compassion.

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Highs and Lows_coverHighs & Lows: Canadian Perspectives on Women and Substance Use

Nancy Poole and Lorraine Greaves, Editors

Highs & Lows was developed through a partnership between the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health and CAMH.

Women’s and girls’ substance use is now recognized as an important health, economic and social issue in Canada. However, most books about alcohol and other drug use do not address the unique needs and circumstances of this population.

Highs & Lows draws on the latest theory and research to offer strategies for improving practice and developing policy to support women with substance use problems. This unique book includes contributions from nearly 100 experts on women’s substance use, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, clinical therapists, health promoters, academics, alternative health care providers, women’s health advocates — and women who have personally been affected by substance use.

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Rethinking Women and Healthy Living in CanadaBCCEWH, Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence, and Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health Editors: A. Pederson, M.J. Haworth-Brockman, B. Clow, H. Isfeld and A. Liwander, 2013

The BCCEWH, the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health and the Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence have released a new women’s health resource entitled Rethinking Women and Healthy Living in Canada. The report, funded by Health Canada, is intended to generate an understanding of women and healthy living and to contribute to the development of evidence-informed responses to addressing challenges related to healthy living for women in Canada.

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