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CIHR 2000: Sex, Gender and Women’s Health

CIHR 2000cvr smLorraine Greaves et al., 2000

This paper investigates the issues of sex, gender and women’s health in health research, and the opportunities to integrate these in a systematic and effective manner through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

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Consuming Identities: Young Women, Eating Disorders and the Media A Research Agenda and Annotated Bibliography

Consuming Identities cvrMarie L. Hoskins with Kristy Dellebuur
British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, 2000

This survey of contemporary research on adolescent girls, eating disorders and prevention looks at self and self-identity and the influence of media on how identities are formed in relation to the phenomenon of eating disorders and body image disturbances.

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Documenting Visibility: Selected Bibliography on Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s health

Documenting Visibility cvrJacquelyne Luce with Janet Neely, Teresa Lee and Ann Pederson
British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, 2000

This report is a review of evidence from peer-reviewed literature on lesbians’ and bisexual women’s health.

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Evaluation Report of the Sheway Project for High-Risk Pregnant and Parenting Women

Evaluation Report of the Sheway Project for High-Risk Pregnant and Parenting WomenNancy Poole
British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, 2000

This report is an evaluation of a unique outreach program in Vancouver that provides services to pregnant women with substance use problems and support to mothers and their families through a women-centred, harm-reduction, culturally focused approach.

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An Exploration of Women-Centred Care in the Context of Cervical Cancer Screening in Ethnocultural Groups

Exploration of Women-centred in the context Cervical Cancer Ethnocultural Groups- summaryJoan L. Bottorff, Lynda G. Balneaves, Lorna Sent, Suki Grewal and Annette J. Browne, 2000

Underutilization of mainstream health services has led to the development of specialized health services for women from different ethnocultural groups. These services provide an important focus for the study of women-centred care. The purpose of this study was to identify and describe critical elements of women-centred care within the context of three cervical cancer screening clinics in Vancouver serving Asian, South Asian and First Nations women. A further aim of the study was to determine factors that influenced full implementation of women-centred care within these clinics.

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Filtered Policy: Women and Tobacco in Canada

Filtered Policy cvrLorraine Greaves, Victoria J. Barr, with the collaboration of the Women and Tobacco Working Group, 2000

This paper develops a gendered analysis of tobacco policy, contextualized in the national and international tobacco control and reduction movement, and identifies women-centred policy directions to reduce women’s tobacco use.

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First Nations Women’s Encounters with Mainstream Health Care Services & Systems

First Nations Womens Encounters with Mainstream Health Care cvrAnnette J. Browne with Jo-Anne Fiske and Geraldine Thomas
the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, 2000

Through First Nations women’s own descriptions of their encounters with health care, this investigation illustrates the social, economic and political forces at work influencing the lives of First Nations women in relation to dominant political systems.

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The Health Benefits of Physical Activity for Girls and Women

Health Benefits Physical Activity for Girls and Women cvrColleen Reid, Lesley Dyck, Heather McKay and Wendy Frisby
British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, 2000

This multi-disciplinary literature review explores the links between physical activity, inactivity, health and well-being for women and girls, including implications of physical activity for disease prevention, management and rehabilitation and the biological, psychological, social and cultural experience of being female in our society.

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In Transition: Nurses Respond to Midwifery Integration

In Transition cvrJude Kornelsen, V. Susan Dahinten and Elaine Carty
British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, 2000

This report describes the results of a survey of nurses on the topic of midwifery, which was conducted shortly after the introduction of midwives as a regulated and funded part of the British Columbia health care system.

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Une politique “filtrée”: les femmes et le tabagisme au Canada

Politique-filtreeLorraine Greaves et Victoria J. Barr; en collaboration avec le Groupe de travail sur les femmes et le tabagisme, 2000

Le présent document décrit ces questions et ces tendances et définit les éléments propres au sexe biologique et au sexe social qui, au Canada, ont des incidences sur le tabagisme chez les femmes. Il est essentiel, en particulier, d’analyser le niveau de revenu, les responsabilités concernant les soins à prodiguer aux enfants et la nature du travail des femmes pour comprendre les effets selon le sexe des politiques de lutte contre le tabagisme. Nous examinons les mesures de réglementation du tabac et nous appliquons une « analyse comparative entre les sexes » à plusieurs d’entre elles, dont l’emballage des produits du tabac et la restriction de l’usage du tabac.

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