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Pushing for Change: Challenges of Integrating Midwifery into the Health Care System

Pushing for Change cvrJude Kornelson, 2000

This report considers the current relationship between midwives, physicians and nurses from both a professional and interpersonal perspective, looks at objections put forward by the medical and nursing communities and considers the way objections have affected client care.

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Reality, Opinion and Uncertainty: Views on Midwifery in BC’s Health Care System

Reality Opinion and Uncertainty cvrJeanne Lyons and Elaine Carty, 2000

Documenting the observations of a researcher in the midwifery field, this report observes and comments on province-wide presentations and discussions on midwifery and its integration into BC’s health care system.

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Triple-Marker Screening in British Columbia: Current Practice, Future Options

Triple-Marker Screening in British ColumbiaKen Bassett, Patricia Lee, Carolyn Green, Lisa Mitchell, Hana Sroka, Rohinne Lal, Robin Hanvelt and Arminée Kazanjian, 2000

This review examines maternal serum triple-marker screening (TMS) for fetuses with Down Syndrome, other chromosomal abnormalities, and spina bifida in the British Columbia context.
* Co-funded by the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, this report is available in print from the Centre for Health Services & Policy Research.

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Women’s Health Research Institute in the CIHR

Womens Health Research Institute CIHR cvrPenny Ballem and Karen Grant, 2000

Following on premises elaborated in CIHR 2000, this proposal paper outlines the key contributions that a Women’s Health Research will bring to the larger structure of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and recommends a systematic program for the integration of sex and gender across the CIHR.

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Hearing Women’s Voices: Mental Health Care for Women

Hearing Voices cvr
Marina Morrow with Monika Chappell
The British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, 1999

This multi-level study into the experience of mental health care for women in BC ranges in scope from the voices of consumers to policy makers and includes recommendations for change throughout the system.

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Reformed or Rerouted? Women and Change in the Health Care System

Reformed or Rerouted cvrColleen Fuller, 1999

This paper places BC’s health system reform in a national context and points out the information gaps and inadequacies concerning issues affecting women users and workers in the system.

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Women with Disabilities: We Know What We Need to Be Healthy!

Women with Disabilities cvr
Shirley Masuda, 1999

This report details the results of a study about how women with disabilities experience being healthy and the structural barriers they face in achieving health.

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Our favourite drug: Why are women & girls drinking so much?

Presented by the Canadian Women’s Health Network and the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health.

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