Alcohol & FASD Prevention

Generating and raising awareness of research on the risks associated with alcohol use by girls and women is an important aspect of our work.  We are known for promoting a multilevel approach to prevention of alcohol use in pregnancy, including: broad awareness activities, non-judgemental discussion of drinking by health professionals, access to specialized holistic support programming, and post-partum interventions with mothers and children.

As well as health promotion and prevention related work, BCCEWH researchers and knowledge exchange experts work towards improving policy and service provision for girls and women with substance use problems and addictions, including trauma-informed substance use treatment.

Current project example(s)

Network Action Team – FASD Prevention from a Women’s Health Perspective

This Team links researchers, service providers, policy advisors and mothers from across Canada in order to build upon the current knowledge base about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) prevention, and bring it into health promotion, prevention, treatment, harm reduction, and  policy development, as well as further research.

Funder: Canada FASD Research Network

Blog – The Team uses a blog to keep its members and others around the world apprised of issues, developments  and actions on FASD Prevention See the Network’s Blog.

Recent Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. Poole, N., Chansonneuve, D., & Hache, A. (2014). Improving substance use treatment for First Nations and Inuit women: Recommendations arising from a virtual inquiry project. First Peoples Child & Family Review. 8(2), 7-23.
  2. Thomas, G., Gonneau, G., Poole, N., & Cook, J. (2014). The effectiveness of alcohol warning labels for reducing drinking in pregnancy: A brief review.  International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research, 3(1), 91-103. doi:10.7895/ijadr.v3i1.126
  3. Nathoo, T., Poole, N., Bryans, M., Dechief, L., Hardeman, S., Marcellus, L., et al. (2013). Voices from the community: Developing effective community programs to support pregnant and early parenting women who use alcohol and other substances. First Peoples Child & Family Review, 8(1), 94-106.
  4.  Poole, N., Nathoo, T., & Hache, A (2013). Community-driven alcohol policy and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder prevention: Implications for Canada’s north? International Journal of Circumpolar Health, ICCH15 Proceedings, 72(S1), 250-251. doi:
  5. Rutman, D., Poole, N., Hume, S., Hubberstey, C., & Van Bibber, M. (2013). Building a framework for evaluation of FASD prevention and support programs: A collaborative Canadian project. The International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research (IJADR), Special Issue on FASD, 2(3). doi:10.7895/ijadr.v3i1.122

Recent Books

  1. Poole, N., & Greaves, L. (Eds.). (2007). Highs and lows: Canadian perspectives on women and substance use. Toronto, ON: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
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Recent Reports and Knowledge Exchange Materials

  1. Women and Alcohol: A Women’s Health Resource, 2014
  2. Girls, Alcohol and Depression: A Backgrounder for Facilitators of Girls’ Empowerment Groups, 2013
  3. Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Women who Use Substances: What Communities are Doing to Help, 2012

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