Welcome to the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health

We are a research and knowledge exchange centre focused on sex and gendered approaches to health, with strong roots in policy, practice, academic and community networks.

  • We engage in research and evaluation to improve girls’ and women’s health. We promote gender transformative approaches to health to achieve gender equity. We are leaders in sex and gender science, critical social research methods, and in sex, gender & diversity-based analysis plus (SGBA+).
  • We connect through virtual knowledge exchange to co-create strategies to improve practice, policy, planning and system design. We develop training and knowledge products on a range of topics, including trauma and violence prevention, substance use, and health promotion.
  • We involve researchers, service providers, policy makers and women’s health advocates at all stages of research and knowledge exchange processes. We partner with community agencies, and regional, national and international organizations, initiatives and networks to conduct research and exchange knowledge.

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