TIDE (Trauma-Informed Development Education Project)

The TIDE project supports an organization-wide shift toward trauma-informed practice (TIP) across the YWCA Toronto, a large multi-service organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in the Toronto area.

YWCA Toronto helps over 13,000 women and girls a year to secure housing, find jobs, find safety from violence, enhance skills and develop confidence. YWCA Toronto offers 35 programs related to: housing options, employment and training, community support, summer camping, as well as programs reaching girls’ and families. This project has developed a framework for organizational change that takes into account the violence and trauma that many of the YWCA clients and staff have experienced and will include training and resource development. The project will 1) increase awareness, skills and practices of staff, leadership, and program partners; 2) build professional capacity to deliver trauma-informed services, and; 3) create a cultural shift across the whole organization.

Financial assistance for the TIDE project has been received by the YWCA from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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