Personal & Political: Stories from the women’s health movement 1960 – 2010 Lorraine Greaves, October 2018
This book traces the history of the second wave women’s movement through some amazing stories of courage, creativity and sometimes, failure and despair. Read this to learn more about what we have accomplished in Canada, and what needs to be done to preserve our health and rights.

Gender Unchained: notes from the equity frontier Lorraine Greaves & Nancy Poole, 2017
Transforming Addiction: gender, trauma, transdisciplinarity Lorraine Greaves, Nancy Poole, and Ellexis Boyle (eds) 2015
Making It Better: gender transformative health promotion Lorraine Greaves, Ann Pederson, and Nancy Poole (eds) 2014
Becoming Trauma Informed Nancy Poole and Lorraine Greaves (eds) 2012
Highs and Lows: Canadian perspectives on women and substance use Nancy Poole and Lorraine Greaves (eds) 2007
Experience, Research, Social Change: critical methods Colleen Reid, Lorraine Greaves, and Sandra Kirby, 2016
Playing It Forward: 50 years of women and sport in Canada Guylaine Demers, Lorraine Greaves, Sandra Kirby, Marion Lay and Lorraine Greaves (eds) 2013
Designing and conducting gender, sex and health research John L. Oliffe and Lorraine Greaves (eds) 2011
Experience Research Social Change Sandra Kirby, Lorraine Greaves, and Colleen Reid, 2006
The Dome of Silence: sexual harassment and abuse in sport Sandra Kirby, Lorraine Greaves and Olena Hankivsky, 2000
Smoke Screen: women’s smoking and social control Lorraine Greaves, 1996

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